Inside the Arena: What It’s Like to Be on the GOP Convention Floor in Cleveland

Check out this ground-level look at all the action.

CLEVELAND -- Republicans from across the country descended on Cleveland to officially nominate their presidential pick - but also to have some fun.

Here’s a ground-level look at the action on the GOP convention floor:

Decked Out Delegates

The delegation garb was nothing short of a political fashion show. From island shirts and cowboy hats to Abe Lincoln costumes and festive hats, delegates came prepared to compete for the most wacky costume award.

The Washington delegation wore trees on their heads:

The Texas delegation was hard to miss:

And Guam brought island vibes to The Great Lakes:

And this Minnesota delegate came prepared:

There was this festive button hat:

And signatures covered state delegation signs:

Abraham Lincoln even made an appearance:

‘Never Trump’ Congregation Works The Convention Floor

Anti-Trump efforts flopped at the GOP convention, but Trump's opponents still managed to cause some trouble.

Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and former New Hampshire Sen. Gordon Humphrey spearheaded the charge for a state-by-state vote on the convention’s rules instead of a voice vote.

The convention passed the rules by voice vote, and the Colorado delegation wasn’t happy.

When the voting for president began, the Alaska delegation protested when RNC officials counted their 28 votes for Trump, instead of splitting them among Trump, Cruz and Rubio according to the state's primary. The RNC said a state rule reallocated delegates if a candidate dropped out of the race.