Ivanka Trump Calls Sexual Harassment 'Inexcusable'

Donald Trump's daughter spoke about the difficulties of running for office.

Van Susteren questioned Trump on her thoughts on sexual harassment following her father's comment to USA Today earlier in the day, when he said Ivanka would "find another career or find another company" if harassed.

Donald Trump later appeared to double down on that comment, telling the Washington Post on Tuesday that it would "be up to the individual" being harassed to take action within their company, to either stay with their employer while seeking retribution, or quit.

"It also depends on what’s available. There may be a better alternative; then there may not," Trump told the Washington Post. "If there’s not a better alternative, then you stay. But it could be there’s a better alternative where you're taken care of better."

"I think harassment in general regardless sexual or otherwise is totally inexcusable," Ivanka Trump said in the Fox News interview. "And if it transpires, it needs to be reported and it needs to be dealt with on a company level."

She then went to say that the Trump Organization has a "very strong" human resources team, which is "equipped to deal with these issues if they arise."

"I think we have great respect for each other," Trump said of Clinton. "That hasn't changed."

Trump said that they pair has stayed close despite the extreme "intensity and scrutiny" they are currently experiencing.

"We're not the candidates," Trump said. "We're the candidates' children."

The businesswoman said she and Clinton "never talked about politics before this campaign," and that she thinks it's "probably a good topic" for them to avoid.

Trump said she doesn't think her father is portrayed correctly in the media, and that mainstream media often misses how incredibly warm, compassionate and funny he is.

"Anyone who knows him knows that to be true," she said.

Trump also touched on how difficult it is to be the child of a presidential candidate, but acknowledged that it's probably harder for her than it is for her father.

The "viciousness" and "attacks" is a "hard thing as a daughter of a candidate to experience," Trump said. "But, my father is strong, and he's tough."