Ivanka Trump denies she was behind father's decision to strike Syria

Trump is on her first foreign trip to Germany on the behalf of the president.

Ivanka Trump's comments come after her brother Eric Trump said in an interview with "The Daily Telegraph" that a "heartbroken and outraged" Ivanka was the influence behind the president's decision to launch airstrikes on a Syrian airbase.

"Ivanka is a mother of three kids and she has influence," Eric Trump said. "I'm sure she said: 'Listen, this is horrible stuff.' My father will act in times like that."

"I think it would be very hard as a human being to see the images that we saw and not react and not be very shaken to the core," Ivanka said of the chemical attack at the beginning of the month that killed at least 80 civilians, including children.

While she acknowledged that she did share her perspective with her father -- noting it "aligned with his" -- Trump's daughter stressed that the decision to retaliate for the chemical attack was a clear decision her father made with the advice from the highest levels of the government.

"That said and while I expressed that sentiment – as a leader of a country you can’t make decision based on emotion alone," she said. "His decision was incredibly well-informed and advised at every level."