How Ivanka Trump's Possible White House Role Wouldn't Be Unprecedented

— -- Although a Trump adviser says it's a "fair assessment" that his daughter, Ivanka, may play an active role in the administration, she wouldn't be the first child of a president to do so.

“A fair number throughout our history have stepped up to help the president,” McBride said in an interview with ABC News.

“It wouldn't be unusual for a first child to step out, but this may be different if she is directly in charge of an initiative,” she added.

"Ivanka is incredibly committed to women in the workplace, women in the economy, women entrepreneurs," Conway told reporters last week. "She has had a wonderful platform during the campaign."

“Margaret Daniel stepped in to support President Truman,” McBride said. “Bess Truman didn't really like being here in Washington, she had a very limited public life.”

Regardless of what role Ivanka Trump ultimately plays in her father's administration if any, McBride expressed optimism that the White House will adapt accordingly.

"The White House always adapts to its new occupants, but also the occupants adapt to the history of the White House, so it's all going to work out just fine," McBride said.