Jeb Bush: Pain Is Part of Life

Jeb Bush Says Pain is a part of life.

ByABC News
November 5, 2015, 7:08 AM

Hollis, New Hampshire -- On the second New Hampshire day of GOP candidate Jeb Bush’s bus tour, he waded into murky waters, as old views resurfaced at a campaign stop.

While at Hollis Pharmacy and General Store, Bush was asked about the growing drug problem across the country. He proceeded to talk about the FDA’s allowance of prescribing oxycontin to children, Bush decrying the perils of over-prescribing.

"We have to take a pause, we’re not you know, pain is part of life that you have to monitor pain for sure and you have to deal with it but over-prescribing creates all sorts of adverse outcomes," Bush said.

Pharmacy owner Vahrij Manoukian later spoke of a plan to designate drug dealers with similar penal designations as child molesters. Bush seemed to agree with the plan, muttering, "I like that idea."

He said, "I love this idea of creating a sense of shame, of ostracizing people who are preying on vulnerable people. It is totally true."

This is not the first time Bush has extolled the virtues of shame in creating a better society. In his 1995 book (co-authored with Brian Yablonski) Bush advocated for society to become a bit more judgmental, as to deter what he saw to be the worst in humanity.

"Society needs to relearn the art of public and private disapproval and how to make those who engage in undesirable behavior feel some sense of shame," Bush wrote.

He still stands by those views, telling reporters Wednesday that he thinks any president should speak out on societal ills, in an effort to influence a more positive and community based culture.

Bush is in New Hampshire again today for a town hall and a meet and greet.