John Kasich Dismisses Donald Trump: 'He Complains About Everything'

The Ohio governor was interviewed on "This Week."

Kasich has campaigned hard in New Hampshire -- he plans to hold events in the Granite State on Monday and Tuesday -- and he suggested Trump's popularity would diminish when voters actually had to cast ballots.

“It’s a really good top of the story, you know, Trump is rising and everything,” he said. "Wait until we start voting, and then we're going to know -- we're going to know where people are."

Kasich has made a point of criticizing Trump on the campaign trail and in debates, labeling him as unfit for the presidency. He also again declined to say whether he would support Trump if the billionaire became the Republican nominee for president.

“I made a pledge, and I’ve been listening to him lately, and you notice he’s toned down the rhetoric,” Kasich noted about Trump, “I'm just hoping that as we go forward he's going to be a unifier.”