Kid Who Confronted Bullies in Viral YouTube Video Comes to the White House

— -- Eleven-year-old Logan Fairbanks and his father Josh still can’t believe they’re visiting the White House.

“I am super excited to be in D.C.,” Logan told ABC News.

With his Dad’s camera rolling, Logan confronted the cyber bullies head-on. In his two minute video, the Logan bravely recites all the awful posted insults to camera. The ugly words coming from Logan’s mouth are jarring in tandem with his innocent, freckled face.

“He looks like such a stupid fatso. I’m surprised he fits in the front seat. I hope he dies. I hope he gets cancer.” The horrible sentences keep coming, but Logan believes this was the most effective way to strike back.

“I did it not only to help the bullies not bully anymore but to inspire people that are being bullied and not to let the words affect you,” Logan said.

With all the attention, what do Logan and his family hope to accomplish?

“We want to take the power from the bullies so they can’t hurt you,” Josh Fairbanks said.

He’s set up a foundation called “Take the Power Away.” The Fairbanks family members are meeting with their home-state U.S. Rep. Fred Upton and hope to set up an organization that could go into schools and provide support to students and teachers to ward off bullying.

Logan celebrates his 12th birthday on Monday and his parents says the Washington trip will be a gift he’ll never forget.