Marco Rubio: 'I'd Beat' Hillary Clinton in General Election

Sen. Marco Rubio says he'd beat Hillary Clinton in a general election matchup.

“If I run against her, I'd beat her. And they know it too. Hillary Clinton does not want to run against me,” he told ABC News' Jon Karl.

“They don't want to run against me," he added. "I guarantee you that if they had to choose who the Republican nominee is, it would not be me. And I know this. And you see it in their body language; you see it in the fact that they attack me more than anyone else."

“What they did was wrong,” Rubio said of the Cruz campaign. “I know that he's apologized and Ben has accepted his apology but I still think what happened to Ben was really unfair.”

About Trump, he said he’s had his “skirmishes with Donald,” but that most of his disagreements have to do with policy.

But he added that some voters are drawn to the way Trump expresses himself.

“People like his plain-spokenness,” he said.

“Rick just signed on to our campaign,” Rubio said. “That's unfair, to say someone has been your endorser for 12 hours and now he doesn't know your life history.”

But Rubio didn’t take the opportunity to name any of the accomplishments Santorum missed.

“But I'm proud of the things we've achieved. But my campaign's not about the past, about what we did. It's about what we're going to do too,” he said.