Marco Rubio Jokes His Boots Are In 'Undisclosed Location'

PHOTO: Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. smiles as he arrives for a campaign stop at a welding company in Brookline, N.H., Jan. 21, 2016. PlayCharles Krupa/AP Photo
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These boots were made for talkin'.

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Marco Rubio said that his famed heeled boots -- which made headlines earlier this month -- are stashed away in an undisclosed location, the candidate quipped to Jimmy Fallon "The Tonight Show."

As soon as Rubio (R-Florida) sat down for his interview, Fallon put his feet up on his desk to reveal his pair of leather boots, poking fun at Rubio's footwear, which caused a stir on the campaign trail.

“Do you like my boots?” Fallon asked.

"I do,” Rubio replied, going along with the joke. “Can I keep them? I need a backup pair. I need one in Iowa and one in New Hampshire.”

Rubio's boots, and specifically their heels, served as the butt of jokes from commentators and other candidates earlier this month, prompting Rubio to call the focus on his feet "craziness."

Rubio told Fallon, during a segment set to air Thursday night, that he only wears his boots “on weekends” -— “nights mostly” —- and that Fallon’s were “a step up from his own.”

“In college I bought some boots like that,” Rubio said about Fallon’s boots.

As for his current pair, Rubio joked: “They're in an undisclosed location, but they’ll be used at the appropriate time."