Marco Rubio Warns in 1st National TV Ad 'Paris Could Happen Here'

GOP presidential hopeful Marco Rubio debuts first national ad of his campaign.

November 23, 2015, 12:58 PM

— -- Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio will debut the first national television ad of his campaign Tuesday focusing squarely on terrorism.

The 30-second ad features the Florida senator up close against a simple black background as he warns Americans of the dangers of “radical terrorists.”

“This is a civilizational struggle, between the values of freedom and liberty, and radical Islamic terror,” Rubio says. “What happened in Paris could happen here.”

In the wake of the Nov. 13 Paris attacks that left 130 people dead, the presidential hopeful calls the terrorists “disgruntled or disempowered people.”

“These are radical terrorists who want to kill us because we let women drive, because we let girls go to school,” Rubio, 44, says directly to the camera.

He wraps up the ad with an ultimatum on the war against ISIS.

“Either they win,” he says, “or we do.”

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