Michelle Obama Gives Advice to the Next 'First Spouse'

FLOTUS hints at who she thinks the next First Lady, or "First Spouse" could be.

February 2, 2016, 8:18 PM

— -- First Lady Michelle Obama will hand over her @FLOTUS Twitter handle in less than a year, but today the First Lady hinted the next user may need a tweak in the title -- “The First Spouse.”

“I’m pretty sure that the next administration, the next first spouse, if they want to be effective in communicating their message...Oh, you caught that?” she said. “I’m just being neutral because the world is big and interesting.”

“But the next first spouse is going to have to figure out how to connect with the audiences they’re trying to connect with and who knows what the platform will be in the years to come,” she continued.

Hillary Clinton has tossed out the possibility of calling former President Bill Clinton the "first mate," "first dude" or "fist gentleman."

Her comments came from a “Media with Purpose” panel in New York City, attended by actresses Lena Dunham and Julianne Moore, where they discussed using traditional and new media to promote social causes, primarily Obama’s “Let Girls Learn” initiative.

The purpose of the initiative, which will celebrate its one year anniversary next month, is to increase secondary education in girls around the world.

Dunham also explained her new newsletter, Lenny Letter, which aims to make politics accessible to millennials with a focus on women’s health issues and Moore discussed her involvement with Everytown for Gun Safety.

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