Mike Pence Says Donald Trump 'Took Command of the Stage' in Debate

Trump's running mate spoke on "Good Morning America" this morning.

September 27, 2016, 9:25 AM

— -- Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence today praised Donald Trump's Monday night debate performance.

"I think Donald Trump had a great night," he said on "Good Morning America," adding that Trump "took command of the stage and I think the American people saw his leadership qualities."

"The pundits will have all their different views ... but I know that message resonated all across America and, particularly, in places like Pennsylvania and Ohio and Michigan that have been so hard hit by these bad trade deals."

Pence also said Trump was just making his positions clear when he reversed course on the birther issue. "Donald Trump has been focused on a stronger America at home and abroad," Pence said, blaming the media for bringing it up.

Pence also criticized the questions asked during the debate for failing to bring up Hillary Clinton's controversies.

"I was disappointed that [moderator] Lester [Holt] did not get into some of the issues that have been in the forefront of Hillary Clinton's candidacy," he said. "The FBI investigation, Clinton Foundation, pay to play, the whole disastrous events that took place in Benghazi and Libya. That never came up."

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