Mississippi Delegate Calls Donald Trump ‘Incoherent,’ Says RNC Spring Meeting Is ‘Dry Run’ for Open Convention

On this week's "Powerhouse Politics" podcast with Jonathan Karl and Rick Klein.

— -- Republican National Committee member and Mississippi delegate Henry Barbour said while his first ballot at the GOP convention in July is bound, on the second ballot where the choice will be his, he is “genuinely” undecided.

“We have our state convention on May 14. All Mississippi delegates, 40 of us, will either be bound for Trump or Cruz,” Barbour told ABC News’ Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl, Political Director Rick Klein and Political analyst Matthew Dowd for the “Powerhouse Politics” podcast.

“It’s problematic. At times [Trump] is incoherent. That’s a real problem and I think that’s an advantage for Cruz, because everybody knows where Cruz stands,” Barbour said today.

“Trump has really tapped into voters who are dissatisfied with the status quo and are really concerned about the country, and they are like, you know what, we need somebody that’s bold who’s gonna be strong," Barbour added. "Whether he really is that way -- I haven’t a clue.”

Even so, Barbour believes there is a “60 percent chance” Trump will be the nominee.

“But I only think it’s probably gonna a 30 to 40 percent chance he [Trump] gets 1,237 [delegates] by June 7. Let’s just say he gets to 1,150. He’ll have six weeks to try to persuade delegates to come his way,” Barbour said.

“What’s happening here in Florida is the start of that” the bound Mississippi delegate told ABC News, referring to the 168 members of the RNC gathered Wednesday through Friday in Florida for their spring meeting.

“A little bit of a dry run on how it might work, if it is indeed an open convention," Barbour said.

“We [Republican Party] are in much stronger shape in many regards,” Barbour admitted. “But the candidates, our presidential candidates gotta grow. I see signs that Cruz is doing that, I see moments where Trump is.”

He also argued both presidential candidates have to show they can bring the party together.

When discussing the chances of another candidate jumping on the ballot, Barbour called it an “unlikely” scenario.

“I think if he doesn’t win on the first ballot, it’s very likely on the second ballot nobody wins and then I think Cruz would win on the third ballot," he said.

“If you can’t get to 1,237, you’re done, so what cards can you play to help yourself with the final states? I have to believe and want to believe that these campaigns will be prepared" to decide on vice president.

The Mississippi delegate joked, “you don’t get to 1,237, you can go to Disney World.”