In nod to Comey story, aide shares video of Clinton avoiding hug

A story Thursday noted the FBI director tried to avoid Trump's embrace.

Philippe Reines, a Clinton adviser who stood in for Trump during the candidate's debate prep last year, posted a video on Twitter of the former secretary of state reaching for a handshake during one September prep session, while Reines, as Trump, opens his arms for an embrace.

Reines proceeds to wrap his arms around Clinton as she attempts to scamper away and laughter fills the room.

"Not easy to avoid the unwanted Trump hug, sometimes it even takes practice..." wrote Reines in the post.

Clinton responded with a tweet of her own later in the day: "I burst out laughing when I saw this video this morning. Hope it brightens your day."

On Thursday, The New York Times published a story quoting Benjamin Wittes, a friend of Comey's, who described the ex-FBI director's efforts during a White House reception.

"Comey said that as he was walking across the room he was determined that there wasn’t going to be a hug,” Wittes told the Times. “It was bad enough there was going to be a handshake. And Comey has long arms so Comey said he preemptively reached out for a handshake and grabbed the president’s hand. But Trump pulled him into an embrace and Comey didn’t reciprocate. If you look at the video, it’s one person shaking hands and another hugging.

The moment was captured on camera by ABC News.