The Note: Trump Clinches the Nomination


TRUMP CELEBRATES: Trump celebrated yesterday with a McDonald's burger and fries abroad his private jet. “Celebrating 1237!” the caption read. Last night, Trump also released an Instagram video reminding Republicans, Democrats, and pundits of the many people who said there would be no way he’d be the presumptive GOP nominee.

HILLARY CLINTON DOUBLES DOWN ON EMAIL SCANDAL SAYING ‘IT WAS ALLOWED’: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton doubled down on defending her email practices as Secretary of State, arguing that the use of a personal account was “allowed,” and rules have since been “clarified.” “This report makes clear that personal email use was the practice for other secretaries of state,” Clinton told ABC News in an interview in Las Vegas, Nevada, Thursday. “It was allowed. And the rules have been clarified since I left.” Yesterday, a report released by the State Department’s Office of Inspector General said that Clinton shouldn't have used a private email server to conduct official business and would have not been allowed to do so had she asked. It also found that she should have turned over emails after her tenure and violated department policy. ABC’s LIZ KREUTZ and PAOLA CHAVEZ report, she has faced the issue for more than a year as she battles to become the Democratic nominee.





CLINTON EMAIL: 5 BIG TAKEAWAYS FROM THE STATE DEPT. REPORT. The Hillary Clinton email controversy has dogged the former secretary of state for more than a year and has now reached new prominence as the Democratic presidential contender attempts to fight off a challenge by Sen. Bernie Sanders. Wednesday, a report released by the State Department’s Office of Inspector General said that Clinton shouldn't have used a private email server to conduct official business and would have not been allowed to do so had she asked. It also found that she violated department policy. Clinton has not been charged with a crime and her spokesman, Brian Fallon, said the former secretary's email use was in line with former secretaries of state. He also said that political opponents were using the report in a misleading way. ABC’s JUSTIN FISHEL and CECILIA VEGA have more on the five important takeaways from the report.

SANDERS TELLS KIMMEL A TRUMP DEBATE WOULD BE ‘VERY INTERESTING.’ During his appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Thursday night, Bernie Sanders remained amenable to debating Donald Trump -- a proposition raised by the presumptive Republican presidential nominee during his visit to the late-night talk show the previous evening. "You made it possible for us to have a very interesting debate about two guys who look at the world very, very differently," Sanders told Kimmel. "Oh boy, do you guys look at it differently," Kimmel said, laughing. According to ABC’s DAVID CAPLAN, Kimmel told Sanders his goal is to bring the two men together. "I don't build walls, I build bridges," he said, making an obvious nod to Trump's campaign promise to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

INCREASINGLY CLOSE FIGHT IN CALIFORNIA HEADING INTO STATE’S DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY. Donald Trump no longer needs California to secure his party's presidential nomination, but Democrats Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders are battling it out there in an increasingly tight race. ABC’s MEGHAN KENEALLY reports, a new poll in California has Clinton leading Sanders by just 2 percentage points, with 46 percent to his 44 percent, which is within the margin of error.

DONALD TRUMP UNLIKELY TO PICK A WOMAN OR MINORITY AS VP RUNNING MATE, CAMPAIGN CHAIRMAN SAYS. The possibility of appearing to pander is among the reasons Donald Trump would be unlikely to pick a woman or a minority as his vice presidential running mate, his campaign chairman says. In an interview with The Huffington Post, Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort offered some insight into how the presumptive Republican nominee might pick his campaign partner. ABC’s MEGHAN KENEALLY notes, Manafort said that selecting a woman or minority, which some have suggested as a way for Trump to strengthen ties to those voting groups, probably won't happen. Trump commented on the issue at a news conference later this afternoon, saying that Manafort "was misquoted a couple of times," without going into specifics. When asked to comment on whether he would have a woman or minority as his vice president, Trump did not rule it out. "I think it's likely we would have somebody, but we don't do it for any specific reason. We're looking for absolute competence. I fully expect that we will have many women involved," Trump said.

‘PEOPLE ARE CONCERNED’ ABOUT DONALD TRUMP, CAROLINE KENNEDY SAYS. World leaders are “concerned” about how a Donald Trump presidency would affect relationships between their countries and the United States, Ambassador Caroline Kennedy said Thursday in Japan. “I think people are concerned,” Kennedy, the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, told ABC News. “What they’re concerned about is the future, and so what does this mean for the American alliance.” ABC’s JIM AVILA and ARLETTE SAENZ have more.

MARK CUBAN ‘WIDE OPEN’ TO DISCUSSING VP SPOT WITH CLINTON AND TRUMP. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said he is “wide open” to the possibility of becoming a vice-presidential candidate, and said he’s looking forward to discussions with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, should they ask for a meeting.Cuban, appearing on ESPN Radio's “Capital Games” podcast, said "what makes me a different candidate for vice president is that I'm a geek working in the tech industry. It's important for presidential candidates to be tech savvy, none are right now." ESPN’s ANDY KATZ and ABC’s RICK KLEIN write, Cuban called himself "fiercely independent," and said he is neither a Democrat nor a Republican. Still, he says he’s been in touch with Clinton aides after saying publicly that he’d be willing to discuss a spot on her ticket should she win the nomination. LISTEN:


AS TRUMP RISES, THE WORLD WORRIES. In Japan at the G-7 summit this week, world leaders are supposed to be talking about the global economy and security issues. But Thursday, President Obama suggested there’s one other big issue dominating conversations among the world’s most powerful men and women: Donald Trump. “I think it’s fair to say they are surprised by the Republican nominee,” Obama said about the leaders he’s spoken with. “They are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements, but they’re rattled by him, and for good reason.” ABC’s TERRY MORAN writes, Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson fired back, telling CNN that it made sense foreign leaders are “rattled because the gravy train ends if Mr. Trump becomes president.”


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