The Note: Trump, Kasich, Sanders Get New Hampshire-Mentum

VIDEO: Analysis of the 2016 New Hampshire Presidential Primary Results
WATCH Analysis of the 2016 New Hampshire Presidential Primary Results


--TRUMP REVELS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY WIN: Ahead of his victory in the New Hampshire primary, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said his campaign was getting “great signals” that he would win in the Granite State. “Whatever rally, you know, many, many people would show up -- many more than we ever anticipated,” he said in an interview on “Good Morning America” today. “It’s a great place – New Hampshire – you know I love the people and they were reflective of it. It was a great evening.” As polls closed in the Granite State Tuesday night, ABC News projected Trump would win the New Hampshire Republican primary. And, as of this morning, Trump had garnered more than 35 percent of the vote, holding onto a nearly 20 percentage point lead over second-place finisher, Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

--LOOKING AHEAD: Trump said he expects to absorb some of the other GOP candidates' support as they exit the race. “I’m going to get some of those votes also,” he said. “A lot of them.” Trump said in victory speech last night, sounding a note of confidence for the primaries ahead. “We are going to start winning again and we're going to win so much, you are going to be so happy,” Trump told a cheering crowd. “We are going now to South Carolina. We're going to win in South Carolina.”

--HOW TRUMP AND SANDERS WON. Your ABC News Analysis Desk has more on what brought voters to the polls in the New Hampshire primaries Tuesday based on the exit polls results:

--ANALYSIS -- ABC’S RICK KLEIN: Clarity will have to wait. Contests that were expected to bring order to a chaotic race have instead set up more chaos. There’s now a higher likelihood than ever that both the Republican and Democratic contests extend well into the spring. New Hampshire voters famous for the independent streaks ran to their polarized corners to deliver landslide wins for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. The Democratic race is headed for a reset. Hillary Clinton’s seemingly insurmountable advantages are likely to be lost in a flurry of online and on-the-ground enthusiasm, with the frontrunner left trying to co-opt an unlikely challenger’s message. For the Republicans, a jumble near the top delivered Donald Trump a win and a second-place surprise of a finish to John Kasich. Rather than winnow the field, New Hampshire effectively added a new name to the list of viable GOP candidates.


IN THE NOTE’S INBOX -- DEMOCRATS GO ‘GODFATHER’ ON TRUMP. A new video from the Democratic National Committee “celebrating” Trump’s win in the New Hampshire primary: “Donald Trump is The GOPFather... A candidate they can’t refuse…” WATCH:



JOHN KASICH LOOKS AHEAD TO A ‘LONG, LONG RACE.’ Coming off a strong second place finish in the New Hampshire primary, Ohio Gov. John Kasich said that he's prepared to fight for the GOP presidential nomination.  "It's a long race. We're going to go through South Carolina, ultimately to the Midwest," Kasich said on "Good Morning America" this morning. "This is a long, long race." "Everybody always underestimates me," he added. Kasich's home state of Ohio is a crucial winner-takes-all delegate prize that doesn't vote until mid-March, ABC’s RYAN STRUYK notes. Kasich also insisted that he can unite the Republican party - including backers of Donald Trump, who won the New Hampshire contest by almost 20 percentage points. "We can attract the Democrats," he said, talking about the general election. "We're Americans before we're Republicans and Democrats."

NOTED:  KASICH’S 2ND PLACE FINISH EXPLAINED. Kasich emerged as a kind of anti-Donald Trump candidate, earning his best support among some of Trump’s weakest groups. Here are the seven factors that earned him a projected second-place finish in the Granite State, according to vote analysis and exit poll results.

--SANDERS SAYS NEW HAMPSHIRE WIN SENDS 'A PROFOUND MESSAGE.’ Celebrating his New Hampshire primary win, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders thanked voters in the Granite State last night for sending a “profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment, and by the way, to the media establishment,” ABC’s MERIDITH MCGRAW. “What the people here have said is that given the enormous crises facing our country, it is just too late for the same old, same old establishment politics and establishment economics,” the self-described Democratic socialist told a raucous crowd in Concord, New Hampshire. “The people want real change.”

--WHAT CLINTON SAID: In nearby Hooksett, Hillary Clinton delivered a concession speech that she started by congratulating Sanders. "I know I have a blessed life, but I also know what its like to stumble and fall,” she said. “It’s not whether you get knocked down that matters it's whether you get back up.” Clinton also acknowledged that she has work to do among young voters who have been flocking to Sanders. “Even if they are not supporting me now,” she said, “I support them.”

BEST LINES FROM THE CANDIDATES’ SPEECHES. Voters have cast their ballots in the New Hampshire primaries, and the projected results are in with Donald Trump expected to win the Republican contest and Bernie Sanders expected to win on the Democratic side. ABC’S ANDREA GONZALES and JEFF NAFT have some of the highlights from Tuesday night’s speeches after results were announced.


MOST NEW HAMPSHIRE GOP VOTERS FAVOR TRUMP’S CALL FOR MUSLIM BAN, EXIT POLLS SHOW. Some two-thirds of Republican voters in New Hampshire expressed support for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, an idea espoused by Donald Trump, who was projected to win the state's primary. Trump had called for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the United States back in December, ABC’S PAOLA CHAVEZ and BRIAN HARTMAN report.

RUBIO SAYS POOR DEBATE PERFORMANCE ‘WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.’ During his speech at his primary party in Manchester, New Hampshire, Marco Rubio said he did not do well in last Saturday’s GOP debate, but promised that it would never happen again. “I’m disappointed with tonight. I want you to understand….Our disappointment tonight is not on you,” Rubio said last night. “It’s on me. I did not do well on Saturday night, so listen to this that will never happen again,” Rubio told a roaring crowd. Rubio also said he called Donald Trump to congratulate him, and that Trump deserved his victory, ABC’s INES DELACUETARA reports.



CHRISTIE WEIGHS FUTURE OF PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced on Tuesday he was weighing the future of his presidential campaign. Christie finished sixth in the New Hampshire primary. He said that he and his wife were returning to New Jersey to assess the full results. ABC’S JORDYN PHELPS has more.



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