Here's What Obama Almost Forgot to Bring to Las Vegas

Even the Leader of the Free World has mindless moments.

— -- Even the Leader of the Free World has mindless moments.

President Obama walked out of the Oval Office with a spring in his step this morning, bounding toward the Marine One helicopter for an immigration campaign swing to Las Vegas, Nevada.

But then – to the shock of a shivering press corps – after Obama boarded the bird, he quickly dashed out the rear door, making a bee-line for the White House, telling reporters, “I forgot something.”

Three minutes later, he emerged from the White House with a grin, saying "Do you guys ever forget something?"

"What'd you forget?" ABC News asked the president.

"My Blackberry!" Obama said with a smile, grabbing the black device off his left hip and showing it to the cameras.

Adding to the intrigue, images captured by Associated Press photographers reveal a holstered blackberry already on Obama's belt as he got off the chopper and walked back into the residence. Perhaps the president swapped out phones, recovered a second one or had other business inside which he didn't want to acknowledge.

In possession of his electronic line to the world, Obama's chopper quickly lifted off for Air Force One waiting at Joint Base Andrews. He was joined by speechwriter Cody Keenan, senior adviser Jen Palmieri, aide Marvin Nicholson, domestic policy adviser Cecilia Munoz, and deputy chief of staff Anita Decker-Breckinridge.

Obama will rally with Democratic supporters at Del Sol High School in Las Vegas this afternoon, one day after unveiling sweeping executive action on immigration.