OPINION: LZ Granderson on Trump's Comments to Black Voters

LZ Granderson weighs in on Donald Trump's appeal to black voters.

From 1934 to 1962, more than $120 billion worth of home loans were backed by the government. However less than 2% of those loans were awarded to minorities due to an appraisal system that identified integrated communities as high risk.

I want to talk about how this two-party system has handcuffed black voters but to do so would requires a campfire. Trump is a flame thrower, gleefully hurling statistics such as Detroit’s violent crime rate or black childhood poverty to antagonize political rivals not attract new supporters. After all, “what the hell do you have to lose?” is not something a man who retweets content from white supremacy groups should be asking minorities. But Trump does so because he has no real interest in the answer. If he did, perhaps instead of the 30 black students at Valdosta State University being removed from his rally in February, he would have held a meeting with them to hear what they had to say.

Four years later the autopsy needs an autopsy.

In fact, there is very little in Trump’s life to show that he is even interested in the outcome of such a discussion. He’s just cherry picking a few stats here and there in a half-hearted attempt to appease those who told him he needs to broaden his support. Normally the condescending manner in which a presidential candidate talks about the legitimate concerns of a community would be offensive. But Trump has spent the better part of a year perfecting his thinly-veiled racist rhetoric as if it’s a piece of art. And judging by the size of his rallies for a lot of Americans it is.