Paul Ryan Criticizes Ruth Bader Ginsburg 'Bias' in Trump Comments

Ryan called the Supreme Court justice's comments "out of place"

In a series of interviews earlier this week, Ginsburg referred to Trump as a "faker" and called on him to release his tax returns.

"I can't imagine what the country would be - with Donald Trump as our president," she told the New York Times.

"That shows bias to me," Ryan said of the comments, describing them as "out of place" for a top judge.

Ryan was also sharply questioned about his endorsement of Donald Trump, and argued that the election is a "binary choice."

"The good clearly outweighs the things I don't agree with," Ryan said of Trump. "That's just the way it works in government, in politics. We don't have people who run for office who 100 percent reflect all of our views. We have to find people who reflect most of our views."

The Wisconsin Republican said Trump is more likely to enact the House GOP election-year agenda than Clinton.