Obama Meets Philippine President Despite Earlier Snub Over Crude Outburst

The president postponed a meeting after comments from the Filipino president.

The meeting comes just days after Duterte used explosive language about Obama, forcing Obama to abruptly postpone a formal meeting the two had scheduled during his visit to the region.

The Filipino president called Obama a “son of a b----” on Monday and, while speaking to reporters, warned Obama not to question his policy of extrajudicial killings. Obama, in turn, called Duterte "a colorful guy" and signaled that the bi-lateral, face-to-face meeting would be canceled.

Duterte expressed regret for his word choice the next day and thanked Obama, in a written statement, for the continued support of his country.

Obama’s visit to Laos follows a stop in China, where he attended the G-20 summit of global economic powers. He is scheduled to depart Laos on Thursday.