President Obama Preparing to Endorse in 2016 Race, Take on Trump

President Obama could endorse a Democratic candidate as soon as Wednesday

— -- President Barack Obama is preparing to endorse his party’s presumptive nominee and assume a more active role in the 2016 campaign — possibly as soon as Wednesday, the White House has signaled.

Administration officials are mum on an exact time frame for the president’s endorsement but have said he would weigh in after Democratic voters have made their preference clear.

“I want us to run scared the whole time,” Obama told Democratic donors to the 2016 race during a fundraiser in Miami on Friday night.

“We have to take this election seriously, because we live in a fascinating media environment,” he said. “Celebrity and fame is such a driver in this culture, and everything’s so contested,” he said.

As for his role in the months ahead, Obama said he’s brushing up on his stump skills. He said, “I’m out of practice. I haven’t campaigned in a while.”