President Obama Welcomes Team USA to the White House

The president declared 2016 the year of "America’s women Olympians."

— -- President Obama welcomed Team USA -- about 600 Olympians and Paralympians -- to the White House today, congratulating them not only for their gold, silver and bronze medals but also for their representation of a diverse set of ideals that inspired Americans during the Rio Summer Games.

"We've become something more than just the sum of our parts. We've become Americans, together. And there's something special about that -- all races, all faiths, all traditions, all orientations, all marching together under that same proud flag, not bound by a creed or a color, but by our devotion to an enduring set of ideals -- that we're all created equal, that we can think, and worship and love as we please, and that we can pursue our own version of happiness. That's a great gift, that's what makes us strong," he said.

The president said he continues “to be inspired by Paralympians” and declared that the Rio Olympics “belonged to America’s women Olympians.”

“As a father of two young women, for [Malia and Sasha] to have that example of health, drive, competition, persistence, and strength, it makes me really proud,” Obama said.

The president also recognized Tommie Smith and John Carlos, whose black power salute on the podium created controversy in 1968.

“Their powerful, silent protest in the 1968 Games was controversial but it woke folks up and created greater opportunity for those that followed,” he said.

With gold medal gymnast Simone Biles standing at his side, Obama joked that he was going to begin the ceremony with a floor routine but he decided against that because he can’t even touch his toes.

The president also singled out Sam Kendricks, the Army reservist participating in the pole vault who gained national respect when he abandoned an attempt to stand at attention for the national anthem playing on the other side of the venue.

Obama was presented with two surfboards, which Biles explained -- at the president’s urging -- represented that surfing will be an Olympic sport in the 2020 Summer Games.

“I’m going to have a lot of time to surf next year," Obama quipped.