Presidential Candidates React to Death of Former First Lady Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan died at age 94.

March 6, 2016, 3:38 PM

— -- The 2016 presidential candidates are paying tribute to former first lady Nancy Reagan, who died in her home in Los Angeles on Sunday.

She died of heart failure and will be buried next to her late husband President Ronald Reagan at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said: "President Reagan has been reunited with his wife and partner but America and the Reagan family have lost a woman of grace and strength. I join people from around the country and the world in sending them our best thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. A woman of strength and wit, Nancy Reagan's dedication to our country was matched only by that of her husband. Theirs was one of our nation's great love stories and a model of shared devotion to our country. America is stronger and better for their service."

Sen. Marco Rubio said: "Nancy Reagan was a woman of incredible grace and strength who served as an inspiration to an entire generation of Americans. As First Lady, she chose not only to lead with her distinctive style and poise, but also to take a stand on tough issues, such as the prevention of recreational drug abuse.

"For conservatives, she has been a powerful living link to her husband's legacy as one of the greatest modern presidents," he said. "Through her work with the Reagan Library, she has been active in extending the impact of his leadership and message to a new generation.

"It was an honor to have met Mrs. Reagan when I spoke at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in 2011," he said. "She went out of her way to warmly welcome Jeanette and me. She will be sorely missed by those who knew her, and forever remembered by a grateful nation."

Donald Trump tweeted:

Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted:

The Democratic candidates also released statements.

In addition to a statement released by former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton together, the former secretary of state tweeted:

Sen. Bernie Sanders said: "No matter your party or political ideology, this is a sad day for America. Nancy Reagan was an exemplary first lady. A devoted partner, she was her husband's most trusted advisor and, as such, served our country well. Even after her time in the White House, she was an outspoken advocate for stem-cell research to find a cure for Alzheimer's. Nancy Reagan had a good heart, and she will be dearly missed."

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