Rep. Adam Schiff Not Running for US Senate in California

Schiff chooses senior role on Intel Committee over Senate bid.

— -- Rep. Adam Schiff, an eight-term Democrat from California, has decided not to run for the open U.S. Senate seat in the Golden State in 2016, he told ABC News in an interview today.

Had he chosen to enter the race, Schiff predicted that his national security credentials would have separated him from the field of potential candidates.

“Having a background in national security would have been a distinguishing feature in the Senate race and something that would have been valuable that I could offer to people in California,” he said.

Schiff, however, encouraged Feinstein to seek a sixth term in 2018.

“I hope she runs again because I think she’s fantastic and she’s a great partner to work on intelligence issues with,” he said. “But, for me, I just got this position [as Ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee] a couple of months ago and at the end of the day I was reluctant to give that up when I think I can have a real impact on some of the key issues of the day.”