Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell walks back Roy Moore criticism

McConnell walked back his criticism of the embattled Alabama Senate candidate.

Less than a month ago, McConnell called on Moore to get out of the race.

At least eight women have in recent weeks accused the 70-year-old Moore of sexual misconduct or inappropriate behavior toward them when he was in his 30s and, in most cases, the women were in their teens. He has denied the allegations.

Stephanopoulos also asked Sunday if the Senate is prepared to "take action" against Moore if he is elected. McConnell responded that he will leave any investigations into the allegations against Moore up to the Senate Ethics Committee.

"The Ethics Committee will have to consider the matters that have been litigated in the campaign, should that particular candidate win," McConnell said. "The Ethics Committee will handle this in the regular ordered way that we do this in the Senate. And I'm confident they'll come up with the right conclusion."

"Well, my job is to be the majority leader of the Senate. And we have jurisdiction over these matters when there is a senator accused of wrongdoing," McConnell said. "So we will handle it in the Senate when it comes to senators' alleged behavior."