Sarah Palin Speaks Out on Syrian Refugee Crisis

Palin appeared on "GMA" to promote her new book "Sweet Freedom."

— -- In an interview with ABC News’ Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America," Sarah Palin argued that Americans aren’t “feeling that protection coming from the top” and said she supports the 29 governors who want to ban Syrian refugees from relocating to their respective states.

“These governors, they're our first line of defense though when it comes to making sure that the people that they're elected to serve are being protected,” Palin said Tuesday morning.

“A lot of the governors are saying, ‘Okay, well, what can I do within my authority as a state official to make sure that the people are protected, to make sure we know who's coming into our state, to make sure on a practical level how it is that we would even be able to fund the services that these refugees would need,’” argued Palin, who served as Alaska's governor. “These governors are being very prudent in their hesitation in their caution that they're taking before they're saying, ‘Hey, any and all, come on in,’ when there's not a vetting process.”

Palin also told Roberts she would be open to running for office again.

“No particular office. But what it would take is just knowing that the American public would be ready for, again, someone going rogue," she said. “If I really felt that that was there in terms of support then, you know, I'd be more than willing to serve.”

Palin appeared on "Good Morning America" to promote her new book "Sweet Freedom."