Secretary of State Search 'Expanding,' Top Trump Adviser Says

Trump is "expanding" his search for secretary of state, a top adviser says.

Former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told reporters in Trump Tower Sunday that Trump will sit down in the coming days with candidates for the position outside of the four people the transition team had on the shortlist last week.

"That list is expanding because of at the moment there are no — there's not a finite list of finalists only because he will interview with additional candidates early this week," Conway said.

Conway said part of the reason the search has expanded is a new group of individuals who have "expressed an interest" directly to the transition team.

"There are a number of people that we may not have thought wanted to leave, you know, very lucrative private industry positions to go and serve the government," she said. "And they are coming forth now and expressing interest, and it's exciting, frankly, to at least get their counsel."

The search has become one of the more dramatic spectacles of Trump's transition into the presidency, primarily centered on Trump's consideration of Romney, a vocal foe of Trump's throughout the campaign. Conway notably brought her frustrations to the fore with multiple TV appearances, echoing Trump loyalists who expressed anger that Romney was even under consideration for the top diplomatic job.

In addition to Trump's traveling for his thank-you tour on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week, Conway said, she expects additional Cabinet secretary and deputy secretary positions to be announced.