Sen. George McGovern: A Video History

George McGovern was a member of the House of Representatives from 1957 to 1961, as a senator from 1963 to 1981 and the Democratic nominee for president in a landslide loss to President Richard Nixon in 1972. He died on Oct. 21, 2012 at the age of 90.

Political pundits still reference McGovern to explain campaign strategy, such as why 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney wouldn't rush his vice presidential pick.

Here are some of McGovern's most memorable moments captured in ABC News video.

Judge Won't Help McGovern

July 3, 1972

A federal judge chose not to reverse the Democratic Party Credentials Committee's decision to strip McGovern of more than 150 delegates in the wake of objections to California's winner-take-all primary election.

Watch: Federal judges do not back McGovern in controversial rulings

McGovern's Acceptance Speech

July 10, 1972

At the Democratic National Convention in 1972, McGovern stressed the importance of shoring up America's image both at home and abroad. The themes he highlighted that day echo through the 2012 election. In both cases, America was a nation healing amid conflict abroad, balancing defense and domestic spending, and the desire for peace and prosperity.

Watch: 1972: McGovern on U.S. Image Abroad

A Plea for Party Unity

July 14, 1972

After fighting within the Democratic Party stripped McGovern of 151 delegates, the candidate spoke at a breakfast dedicated to party unity. He said with cooperation, Democrats could win a sweeping victory.

Watch: The Democratic presidential candidate addresses the importance of party unity.

McGovern Accuses Nixon of Corruption

Oct. 4, 1972

McGovern said the Nixon administration tried to bully the press, slanting public opinion against them so they, in turn, would write good things about the president.

"This administration seeks to replace the press with a cheering section," McGovern said.

Watch: ABC News looks at presidential candidates George McGovern and Richard Nixon.

McGovern Enters a Hospice

VIDEO: Daughter says former democratic presidential nominee is "coming to the end of his life."
October 16, 2012

When the former U.S. senator entered a hospice in South Dakota, his daughter, Ann, said he was "coming to the end of his life."

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