Sen. Tom Coburn on Budget Battle: 'We Need Senators with Gonads'

The Oklahoma Republican comments on bipartisan 'Gang of Six' deficit talks.

April 13, 2011, 11:48 AM

April 13, 2011 -- Sen.Tom Coburn, R-Oklahma, who is part of a bipartisan effort to address the budget crisis, said real reform is possible if he can find more senators "with gonads"

"Send me some senators who have some gonads," Coburn told conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt in an interview late Tuesday.

Coburn talked about the bipartisan plan he is workind out with the Gang of Six -- three Democrats and three Republicans -- to reduce the deficit through steep spending cuts, entitlement reform and increased tax revenues.

The Gang of Six has stayed tight-lipped about their discussions, but Coburn revealed some of the details of their emerging vision.

Coburn said its plan would include $800 billion in deficit reduction to be agreed upon this year with a commitment of another $3.3 trillion in cuts over the next 10 years. He said 85 percent of that would come from spending cuts, and 15 percent would come from a tax reform plan that would increase tax revenue.

"If I could get a true down payment of around $800 billion this year, with a mandate that we get another $3.3 billion, and 85 percent of it comes from cuts, 15 percent comes from dynamic effects of rate lowering, what would you say to that?" Coburn asked Hewitt.

Hewitt said: "I'd say amen."

"OK, that's what we're trying to work on," said Coburn. "But if I don't get something that good, I won't be going for it."

A Coburn spokesman declined to comment on the status of the negotiations.

A transcript of the senator's interview can be found here: