After primary triumphs, the Donald turns sights on Hillary

"She is a flawed candidate," Trump said on "GMA."

"She is a flawed candidate. She is a candidate that, frankly, is I think...she's not going to do very well in the election and I look forward to showing that," Trump told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos in an interview on "GMA."

The New York businessman also defended his comment that Clinton is playing the "woman card" to get elected as president.

"It's not sexist. It's true. Just very, very true statement. If she were a man she'd get 5 percent. Women don't like Hillary and I did well with the women," he said on "GMA." "She gets up and all she's saying is, 'I'm a woman, I'm a woman' and she didn't play that card too much with Obama, probably made a mistake not doing it but she's playing it against us."

Trump, in a separate interview on MSNBC, was asked about a potential vice presidential pick.

"I have someone in mind but I don't want to talk about him because I don't want to think about it until it's over," he said.

Trump heads to Washington later this morning for his second formal speech of the campaign cycle, this one focused on foreign policy.