Stephen Colbert says the walls are closing in on ‘El Trumpo Loco’

"The walls are closing in on Trump, but no one’s surprised," Colbert said.

Stephen Colbert said President Donald Trump is leading the country toward a WWE-style "world war" with his "unhinged Twitter rants" on Syria and threats toward Russia.

"The walls have been closing in on the president, and he's not happy," Colbert said on Wednesday's "The Late Show." "One source said, 'We're at a different level now. He's losing his s--t.' And another just said, 'Jesus take the wheel.'"

"I hate to tell you, but Jesus flung the door open a few miles back and then tucked and rolled into a ditch. Those footprints in the sand are running straight into the ocean screaming," he joked.

Colbert went on to compare Trump to a fictional pro-wrestling villain, El Trumpo Loco, who's looking to escalate a global military conflict, or, as he put it, "World War Raw."

"You'd better get ready, because on Monday night at World War Raw, I am bringing the thunder to 'Animal Assad,' the gas-killing animal, and rude dude Kim Jong Crude," Colbert said, while wearing a Trump-like wig and mask. "But first, I'm taking down my nemesis, the special counsel."

Colbert's roast came after the president warned Russia to "get ready" for U.S. missile strikes in Syria in response to a suspected chemical attack there last week.