It's a slick--and mysterious--attack ad.


A remake of the seminal 1984 tv commercial for apple computers.

"nats nats nats"

This time--youtube's the venue of choice, and Hillary Clinton stars as Big Brother.

"nats nats nats"

Silly--candid--moments are nothing new on the internet..and youtube where candidates can never escape their past -- yes, that's Rudy Giuliani.

"nats: hmm!"

But this is a polished and sophisticated take-- Barak Obama --metaphorically-- the athlete-- rescuing the mindless public from the evil establishment. ie--hillary clinton.

The obama campaign says it had nothing to do with it.

Nobody knows who made it--and it quickly spawned this copycat anti-obama counterpunch.


Experts say it could be a groudbreaking moment in the brave new world of internet campaigning.

150223 joe trippi The days of being in total control of your message are over.150643///// I believe we'll see in this cycle one of these internet videos actually help make a candidate and also help take one down.

All of the candidates are trying to harness the power of..and simply keep up with the internet campaign.

2416 (mortman) This campaign is happening right now, it's happening on the web, it's immediate, it's being fought on the blogs and it's being fought on myspace and youtube and the candidates who recognize that have a leg up.

Most have even opened up on MYspace, for example, where popularity is measured in the number of friends you have. Obama has the most right now..

It's hard to measure the internet's political impact.

BUt---3 million more young people voted in 2004 than in 2000.

And think about these finances:

65 million people saw this internet video in 2004. it would cost as much as 3 million dollars to buy tv time for those eyeballs. (END SOUND FULL OF JIB-JAB)