'Top Line': Colorado Senate Candidate -- New Face for GOP?
  Ryan Frazier is not a well-known entity in Washington political circles, but that may change soon.

  Rick Klein (May 15, 2009)

  Dodd Foe: Banking Chair Violated Public's Trust
  Fmr. Rep. Rob Simmons Cites AIG, Countrywide in ABC News Interview

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  Toomey: 'Very Likely' to Challenge Specter
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  Steelman: 'Sarah Palin with an Economics Degree'?
  By Teddy Davis (Feb. 21, 2009)

  SF Mayor: From Guv's Knee to Guv's Chair?
  San Francisco Mayor Sat on Lap of Rival Jerry Brown

  By Teddy Davis (Feb. 21, 2009)

  GOP's Sanford: It's Time to 'Rip the Band-Aid Off'
  By Teddy Davis and Ferdous Al-Faruque (Feb. 4, 2009)