Ted Cruz Says Republicans and Conservatives Are ‘Coming Together’ After Kansas Win

Cruz addressed supporters in Idaho after he was projected to win Kansas.

— -- Moments after ABC News projected Ted Cruz as the winner of the Kansas Republican caucuses, Cruz addressed supporters in Idaho, saying "all across Idaho" and "all cross this country, people are waking up."

Cruz said what the nation is seeing is conservatives, Republicans and libertarians "coming together."

"Every one of us here understands that our country is in crisis," he said to the crowd, explaining that he believes the election will center on "three key issues" -- jobs, freedom and security.

"No other candidate has beaten him more than once," Cruz said. "What needs to happen is the field needs to continue to narrow. As long as the field remains divided, it gives Donald an advantage."

Primaries and caucuses are underway today for the Republican presidential candidates in Kentucky, Maine and Louisiana. The total number of delegates at stake is 155.