Ted Cruz’s Wife Heidi Cruz Is an Entrepreneur at Heart

Mrs. Cruz and her husband met while working for the Bush campaign.

“I found Ted very compelling,” Heidi said. “He is a warm person, he's friendly, he is someone who's clearly smart, and an incredibly sharp mind, very articulate, but he's also a guy that likes to have fun.”

The two met working for the Bush campaign in January 2000 where Heidi spent her Christmas break while she was in business school. Their first date was at an Austin bar called The Bitter End after Ted asked her if she wanted to grab a drink when she was done with work.

“We sat down and just had a really, really in-depth, long conversation,” she said. “He wanted to know all about my family, our background -- what my interests and goals were.”

Ted and Heidi said their vows a year and a half later. They now have two young daughters, one of whom is in second grade and the other in prekindergarten.

“We’ve made a big effort to have the girls keep their lives intact and keep it as normal as possible,” Heidi said. “Ted and I are doing this as a partnership, and we really want them to be part of that.”

If she becomes first lady, she said she’d try to help children with the concept of entrepreneurship.

“I just want other kids to have the opportunity to see the value that they can add in many different ways, whether it be a hobby, a talent -- and it's all in the concept of entrepreneurship.”

ABC News' Jessica Hopper, Shushannah Walshe, Arthur Niemynski and Justine Quart contributed to this report.