5 Things to Watch on the Third Day of the Republican National Convention

The convention is halfway done.

The convention activity doesn’t start until 7:00 p.m., and the convention organizers have packed some big political names into their prime time programming.

Here are five storylines to be aware of today:

Pence’s Time to Shine

This evening Pence will be the one in the spotlight, with the most coveted speaking slot on the second-to-last night of the convention.

It will be a chance for Pence to show how he will connect with Trump and how they will bridge some of the policy gaps between them.

The Ones With Nasty Nicknames Return

Neither Rubio nor Cruz has endorsed Trump yet, but that clearly hasn’t stopped either of them from accepting a speaking slot.

Playing Favorites on the VP Shortlist

Seeing How Protests Progress

The at times violent protests during the primaries as well as the recent targeted shootings of police officers ramped up the concerns about safety at the RNC.

There have been regular protests throughout the first two days of the convention, but they have been largely peaceful, and there were fewer than a half dozen arrests from Sunday through Tuesday evening.

Thousands of law enforcement officers from different jurisdictions were sent to Cleveland, and they have been seen en masse throughout. There have been minimal altercations, but the crowds have grown as the days passed.

Never-Trump Is No More. What Now?

It’s over for the never-Trump movement: Trump has won the nomination, and there’s nothing else to do, except maybe try to be disruptive.

While there was a bit of action during the rules vote on Monday, the roll call vote went relatively smoothly on Tuesday, and Trump has clinched the party’s nomination.

There was speculation before the announcement of Pence as Trump’s running mate that those involved in the stop-Trump movement would try to force a change over the vice presidential nominee, but that too passed when Pence was nominated by acclamation.

That faction has not signaled whether its members are resigned to Trump’s nomination or if there’s a new avenue of action they will pursue.

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