That Time Harry Reid Wore Dark Sunglasses to a News Conference

The Senate minority leader donned new eyewear months after eye injury.

Reid started out the day on the Senate floor with a giant bandage across his right eye, a staple since he had an accident while exercising earlier this year.

“He likes them, and he's not wearing the bandage,” Kristen Orthman, a spokeswoman for Reid, told ABC News. Orthman noted Reid normally wears prescription glasses and that the sunglasses also have a prescription, allowing him to see properly out of his left eye.

Some people on Twitter are comparing the eyewear to the sunglasses used in the “Deal With It” Internet meme.

Later in the day, Reid said he may have different eyewear on Wednesday and revealed he does have some vision in his right eye.

"Tomorrow we're going to try some other things," Reid said of his sunglasses. "I can see out of my right eye just not very well. And it hasn't healed."

Over the past two months, Reid has undergone two eye surgeries to help restore vision in his right eye, the most recent one taking place two weeks ago.

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