Trump, Clinton ‘Have Not Earned Our Vote,’ says Jill Stein

Americans "are tired of a rigged political system," Green Party candidate says.

“Politicians do not have a new form of entitlement," Stein told ABC's "This Week." "They are not entitled to our vote. They have to earn our votes.”

“People are being thrown under the bus and they're tired of it,” Stein said. “They're tired of a rigged economy, and they're tired of a rigged political system.”

But, according to a new ABC/SSRS online poll released today, 59 percent of voters worry that casting a ballot for a third-party hopeful could cause their least-preferred candidate to win the presidency. Of the 59 percent, 35 percent said they were somewhat worried, 15 percent very worried, and 9 percent extremely worried.

Stephanopoulos pressed Stein: “What do you to say to those voters who would worry that, by voting for you, that are progressives, that are liberals, that are Democrats, that by voting for you they would actually help elect Donald Trump?”

Stein called such concerns “the politics of fear."

People are told to "vote against who you're scared of, rather than for the candidate who represents your values," she said. "What we have seen over the years is that this politics of fear actually delivered everything that we were afraid of.”

"All the reasons people were told to vote for the lesser evil, because you didn't want the offshoring of our jobs, you didn't want the massive bailouts for Wall Street. You didn't want the endless expanding wars, the attack on immigrants. That's actually what we've gotten," she said.

In contrast, Stein argued that she offers solutions that take on special interests such as Wall Street or the fossil fuel industry.

“I actually have the liberty to stand up and offer the solutions that the American people are clamoring for,” Stein said. “Democracy needs a moral compass. It needs a vision, an affirmative vision of what we are about and an agenda that we can actually put forward.”

This election, Stein has written an open letter to the Trump and Clinton campaigns asking them to allow her and Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson to join the debates.