Trump on Clinton's Concession Call: 'She Couldn't Have Been Nicer'

"She couldn't have been nicer," he said.

November 11, 2016, 6:56 PM

— -- In a clip from his first television interview since Tuesday's election, Donald Trump spoke about the concession call that effectively ended the 2016 campaign and made him president-elect of the United States.

"So Hillary [Clinton] called, and it was a lovely call," he said in a preview for Sunday's "60 Minutes." Trump added that he felt it was a really "tough call" for her.

"She couldn't have been nicer," he said. "She just said, 'Congratulations, Donald. Well done.' And I said, 'I want to thank you very much. You were a great competitor.'"

Trump went on to compliment his former presidential rival. "She's very strong and very smart," she said.

Trump also talked about the call he received the next day from former President Bill Clinton. "He couldn't have been more gracious. He said it was an amazing run, one of the most amazing he's ever seen."

Trump said he would even consider calling President Clinton for advice. "Certainly, I would certainly think about that," he said.

In another clip from the same interview, set to air in full on Sunday, Trump also talked about his willingness to keep two aspects of Obamacare, while still insisting that it would be repealed and replaced.

Trump said people with preconditions would still be covered and "children living with their parents for an extended period" would be covered under his plan, which would replace Obamacare as it is being repealed.

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