Trump Mouths Crude Insult Against Clinton Again, Supporters Say It For Him

VIDEO: Donald Trump Blasts Chris Christie and Hillary
WATCH Donald Trump Blasts Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton

Speaking to nearly a thousand supporters at Pennichuck Middle School Monday, Donald Trump mouthed a crude sexual term he’s employed against Hillary Clinton, but avoided saying it aloud.

Instead, he let supporters say it for him.

Voters didn’t trust the former Secretary of State in 2008, he said, “because Obama ------- her. Can I say the word?” Crowd members in the first few rows filled in the blank as he continued.

“By the way, that word, that’s a common word in New York,” Trump said of the Yiddish phrase. “And it means to be beaten badly.”

Previously, Trump has said that the word is "not vulgar," but Clinton's team has previously decried the "degrading language" directed at the Democratic frontrunner.

Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton referenced Trump’s word choice, telling the Des Moines Register “it’s not the first time he’s demonstrated a penchant for sexism.”

Trump spent the next few days hitting back on Twitter, adding that if anyone had a "penchant for sexism," it was President Bill Clinton with his sexual liaisons in office. At Monday’s rally, he never mentioned the 42nd President, but went back to his original insult, claiming he wasn’t the first to say the derogatory word.

In the end, though, he declined to say it again.

“I won’t give the press any more fun with it,” he said.