Trump predicts success of Senate tax plan as budget committee clears path for vote

He further criticized Democratic leaders for backing out of a scheduled meeting.

One of the announced Republicans "no" votes, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., voted "yes" to move the bill out of committee Tuesday, a sign that he could ultimately change his position on the matter. A full Senate vote on the bill could come as early as Thursday.

Several Republican senators faced protesters shouting "shame" and "kill the bill" following the budget committee's vote Tuesday afternoon, forcing them to shout as they answered questions from reporters at the Capitol.

"It won't be what I say, it will be how it affects them," Graham said. "If this bill works the way I think, all these loud people will have proven to be loud and I will have proven to be right. If it doesn't do what I think it will do then we will lose."

Trump spent part of the day at the Capitol lobbying Senate Republicans for their support on the overhaul. He made no public comments while at the Capitol but gave reporters a thumbs-up when asked if he could deliver on tax reform, long a major item on the Republican agenda.

Schumer and Pelosi characterized the scheduled summit with the president as a "show meeting" in a statement explaining their decision not to attend.

The Senate Republican tax plan includes a winnowing of the number of tax brackets, a reduction of the corporate tax rate and an elimination of certain deductions and the individual health care mandate, among other changes. Democrats have argued the plan unfairly benefits high-income earners, disproportionately harming middle and lower class taxpayers.

“I think they’re eager to help me get to 'yes,'" she said.

ABC News' Jordyn Phelps contributed to this report.