Trump: 'We'll see what happens' with Steve Bannon

The chief strategist has been accused of being a white nationalist.

August 15, 2017, 5:00 PM

— -- President Donald Trump deflected questions today about the status of his chief strategist Steve Bannon, saying the former chair of Breitbart News, who has been accused of being a white nationalist, is a "good man."

When asked by reporters at Trump Tower about Bannon's future in his administration, Trump responded, "We'll see what happens."

"I like him. He is a good man and he is not a racist, I can tell you that," he added.

Breitbart News has developed a reputation in recent years for its conservative leanings and cultivation of the so-called "alt-right."

On Monday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called for Bannon's firing in a statement.

"If the president is sincere about rejecting white supremacists, he should remove all doubt by firing Steve Bannon and the other alt-right white supremacist sympathizers in the White House," she said.

Bannon has denied that race plays a role in his self-described "nationalism."

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