Trump Takes Swipe at Cruz's Cuban Roots, Ties to Oil

"Not a lot of Evangelicals come out of Cuba," Trump said.

After securing key endorsements within the Iowa evangelical christian community, Cruz's support continues to grow, surpassing Trump in the Monmouth University Poll released Monday of likely Caucus-Goers.

Trump also came out swinging against Cruz's connections to the oil industry and refusal to back ethanol subsidies.

"Everything I say he agrees with me, but with the ethanol he’s got to come a long way cause right now he's for the oil," Trump said talking about Cruz's stance on an issue that's resulted in thousands of jobs in Iowa. "I say to myself, 'If Ted Cruz is against ethanol, how is he winning in Iowa?”

"I’m leading big in New Hampshire. Christie got an endorsement from this crazy newspaper up there," said Trump.

With seven weeks to go till the Feb. 1 caucus and Cruz hot on his trail, Trump made sure Iowans knew how important their state is to his campaign.

"If we win Iowa, I think we win virtually every state in the union and it's over," said Trump. "I’m going to be here a lot in January. You’re going to be so sick of me. You’re probably going to say, I can’t stand the guy."

The Cruz campaign declined comment.