Trump claims 'America is back', touts accomplishments in 1st speech back from Asia

The speech was Trump's first public comment following a 12-day trip to Asia.

ByABC News
November 15, 2017, 5:15 PM

— -- Fresh off a 12-day-long visit to Asia in which he visited five countries, President Donald Trump touted the trip's accomplishments in a speech from the White House Wednesday, including his efforts to strengthen alliances in the region, rectify self-described "unfair" trade deals, and unite opposition to acts of North Korean aggression.

"My fellow citizens, America is back," Trump said at the conclusion of his remarks.

The president gave a positive review of his trip to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines, calling it "historic" and adding that he was greeted by all foreign leaders in Asia with "incredible warmth and hospitality and most importantly respect."

He pointed Wednesday to the reception as "evidence that America's renewed confidence and standing in the world have never been stronger than it is right now."

"When we are confident in ourselves, our strengths and flags and history, other nations are confident in us," Trump said. "During our travel, this is what the world saw, a strong, proud and confident America."

As he noted highlights of the trip from each country, he additionally ran through a laundry list of goals, from calling on the international community to unite against North Korea, to fair and reciprocal trade.

The president said in talks with China's President Xi Jinping that the two noted that "time is running out" with regard to a denuclearized North Korea, adding, as he has previously, that all options remain on the table.

Trump earlier shared his feelings about the trip via Twitter Wednesday morning, writing, "Our great country is respected again in Asia. You will see the fruits of our long but successful trip for many years to come!"

Though the address was his first public remarks since his return to the U.S., Trump chose not to weigh in on the ongoing controversy surrounding allegations of sexual misconduct against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. The president ignored shouted questions about Moore following the speech.

ABC News' Adam Kelsey contributed to this report.

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