'Trump troubadour' loses trust in president over health care: 'I feel betrayed'

Moss played guitar at more than 45 Trump rallies during the campaign.

— -- Once-staunch Donald Trump supporter Kraig Moss followed the Republican to more than 45 campaign rallies across the country and became known as the "Trump troubadour" for his guitar-playing at the candidate's events.

"I feel betrayed," Moss told ABC News. "I feel like I've been lied to.”

Moss said he worked with other Trump supporters to bring many people into the GOP candidate’s camp.

Moss said he was drawn to Trump by the candidate's promise to end the opioid epidemic in the U.S. After his son, who struggled with addiction, died of an overdose in 2014, Moss said his work for Trump's candidacy got him "off the couch."

"I went all in with Donald Trump, and put everything that I had, including my heart and soul, into what he had to say because this was the one thing that got me off the couch and got me out into the world and gave me purpose to go talk to these kids I'd meet," he said.

But the president’s support of the Republicans’ American Health Care Act made Moss lose faith.

"It really was just recent when I just all of a sudden realized that I've been duped," he told ABC News. "I can't believe that the man would even consider trying to put something like this through."

Even with the bill now off the table, Moss says he still won’t support Trump.

"Trust is something that takes a lifetime to achieve and one day to lose, and you just don't flip a switch and get the trust back," he said. "There's no halfway, 'Well, I trust him on this, I don't trust him on that.' Once a man shows his true colors, once a man shows that he can't be trusted on one issue, it just, it goes right across the board."