Would Trump Go on Twitter Tirades If Elected President?

Donald Trump discusses his social media accounts.

And if elected president, Trump may use 140 characters to take on world leaders.

"Would you be doing late night Twitter wars with world leaders who insulted you?" ABC's Jonathan Karl asked Trump on "This Week" Sunday.

"It's a new way of communicating. It's very effective. I've been very effective with it," Trump replied.

The real estate mogul touted his large social media following. Trump currently has 7.27 million followers on his official Twitter account, 6.7 million on his Facebook page, and 1.3 million followers on his Instagram page.

Trump suggested other people may not like Twitter, or other social media platforms, because they do not have many followers. He expected to be spending less time on social media if elected president.

"It's a great way of communicating, as far as I'm concerned, but I'm not going to be doing it very much as president," Trump said. "I will act in the best interests of our country. I will act to protect our country, whether that's counter-punching or not."