Despite Trump Claims, Clinton Earning More Woman Voters

Trump's boasts about success with women at the polls does stand true.

Clinton received a higher percentage of the vote among female Democrats than Trump received among female Republicans on Tuesday night.

Those results were tallied after Trump credited Clinton's sex as the reason for her success.

"If Hillary Clinton were a man, I don't think she would get five percent of the vote," he said at his victory party Tuesday.

"Women don't like Hillary and it's very interesting," Trump continued. "If you noticed, I did well last night with the women. The women gave me great marks and a great percentage but women do not like Hillary Clinton. That's been a known fact for a long time and she's going out there playing the women's card."

In Maryland, he captured 50 percent of the votes from female Republicans. In Pennsylvania, that percentage increased to 54 percent and it was 55 percent in Connecticut.

Rhode Island and Delaware do not allow exit polling so their gender breakdowns are not currently available.

Clinton received a wider margin of Democratic female voters in those three states. Her highest female turnout came in Maryland where she got 68 percent of female Democratic votes. In Pennsylvania, she earned 60 percent and in Connecticut it was 57 percent.

While Clinton and Trump's numbers of female voters are fairly close in Connecticut, the votes cast for Clinton include a larger pool of voters. Of the Democrats that voted in the state, 61 percent were female. Only 43 percent of Republican voters in Connecticut were female.

That disparity was true in both Pennsylvania and Maryland, as well, since women accounted for 60 or more of the Democratic vote in both states and less than 40 percent for Republicans.