Supreme Court blocks Trump on census question

The court's decision leaves the responsibility of regulating voting districts to states and Congress.
3:31 | 06/28/19

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Transcript for Supreme Court blocks Trump on census question
Let's take this case on the senses so much was being made of whether the trump administration could would add a citizenship question to the census. The justice is delivered a stunning opinion on that one. It's a stunning opinion DeVon as you know and it's a huge one the bottom line right now as of now the 20/20 senses cannot go forward. With that question the trump administration wanted to ask every person living in America are US citizen. Of the United States in order to do that the law requires the administration to have a reason for. And the reason that the administration gave was we need to ask that question in order to enforce the voting rights act. Well evidence was brought forward in this case over the months that it's been on to on this track. And that today the Supreme Court with Chief Justice John Roberts joining the liberals ruled. Basically said we don't believe you. They call that explanation about voting rights act contrived. And a distraction. And essentially they said it's not good enough in order to make a change like this you've got to have a legitimate reason. And they send it back it is the eleventh hour in this sense this case. But right now this that this can't go forward his citizenship question on it unless somehow very quickly the administration can come over the rationale. The five justices of the Supreme Court will up believe. And and find sincere. Yeah it would seem highly unlikely Terri that they would be able to fight that legal fight in time to print those forms but I want to bring into the conversation Dale Hall. An attorney with the ECO you who argued the case before the Supreme Court dale thank you so much. For sticking around and a very busy day they'll give us your reaction to this case are you concerned that the administration could try to make another run at the court on this. And I don't see how they could be administration has represented repeatedly. That any changes to use the census. Can't be made after her the end of June bat. If there was an attempt to. Beat receptive. Administration sought bid to get this case to the Supreme Court. Thumb on an expedited basis the Supreme Court is rule forms are supposed to start printing on Monday we think there should be the end of the road. And it's a veiled this had. The potential for such a big impact on the census count itself you presented evidence in your argument. What does this mean now for all of us that are watching this as the census prepares to go for what's the actual impact for real people that this will be left off. I picked impact is that anyone was concerned. About whether or not we're gonna get a fair and accurate count of the population which is the basis for. Alan heating seats in the House of Representatives and votes in the Electoral College can rest easy that the citizenship at this citizenship question isn't going to stand in the way of that. The Census Bureau itself produced an estimate just last week that about nine million people wouldn't respond to the senses if we didn't if we have this question. On there just to put that in perspective that's more people than. I'm in his state of New Jersey which is our eleventh largest state and you can just imagine how like accuracy is. What kind of impact that would have. On the distribution of resources and quotes. Ernest yeah and elect its owners of. Spirit oral votes as well. It's just incredible dale Hoch congratulations to you on that argument appreciate your time very much for sticking around here and ABC news lodge a whole with the ACLU Terre.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"The court's decision leaves the responsibility of regulating voting districts to states and Congress.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64004965","title":"Supreme Court blocks Trump on census question ","url":"/Politics/video/2020-census-include-citizenship-status-question-64004965"}