2020 Dem. Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar talks upcoming election

From the Minnesota State Fair, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., talks foreign aid cuts, electability and her vision for the country if she becomes president.
5:59 | 08/22/19

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Transcript for 2020 Dem. Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar talks upcoming election
As you do have to go out now a to the Minnesota state fair I'm sorry were about to lose our special guest Amy Klobuchar and senator. Of the great state of Minnesota senator great to see you thanks so much for taking the time to talk district data integration what I'm best do you be and so far. I see some mop food behind. I mean he's heard. It's she's guard there aren't the bass we're out here it's a beautiful day. We've got tons of he thought here at Minnesota clubs are big get together it's the biggest state fair in the country. Exact Texas but there are open for thirty days. I'm partial I used to work at the Minnesota state fair so I know it is the best. But don't start by asking your reaction to this news out of the White House and foreign aid and know you've been an advocate for it. What do you make of this decision on their part to back off of cuts to in the budget. Well I think there was so much pressure because it's that. General Mattis who wants that that what he doesn't get in ornate EST is the money for bullets basically and that you wanna be able to support. Countries that end up being your trading partners that you end up buying your debts. I mean I sought in Africa. Where countries where we have had good relations with. They buy American things. And we want to keep that out we don't wanna let China. In front Abbas and they're starting to go all over the world. And so that is part of the argument for an aid the other is it's a security issue for our country I once did with one of our Republican congressman Tom amor. To oppose the trump administration's attempt to cut. Foreign aid when it came to countries like Somalia. Because we know that if we don't. At least get some semblance of order in those countries that we styles about make threats against our own country style a lot of it have to do with baton. You've talked a lot about your Minnesota roots has been a key. Component to your electability in this presidential campaign you're the only Minnesotan running of course are you the most electable Democrat out there. And what do you make of Joseph Biden's comments this week that her husband's the most electable and everyone needs did in her words swallow it. Even if they prefer someone better. I'm glad all the campaign speak for themselves not just talked for myself. I am vision for this country which kids to bring people together highs set a bad day when I announced in the middle of a snowstorm. In the middle of the Mississippi River. That we need to bridge the rivers of our divides a higher place and our politics I believe it even more today. When you have a presence. Trying to divide people when things go lock. We're concerned about the economy what is he doing wines I can tell you people in the wet midwest don't wanna Weiner in the White House even if they voted for camp. And my strengths this I tell the truth I win and Republican districts that one in every single Republican district. In Minnesota at time and time again every place every race every time and I'm able to get things done. I passed over a 100000 sideband in the United States that it. I want people want is they want an optimistic economic agenda for this country that's what I'm giving them and that's why we made the debates in the fall both of them. I and we're looking forward to the debate got ABC. Hi and it's why am gonna win I'm I just really believe as strongly. That when people hear my message I'm great line to lead our. Let the let me ask you about you're in your victory in Minnesota 60%. Of the vote when he eighteen it is no small feat but Donald Trump of course you know well. Senator twin sixteen came very close in Minnesota two basking in Hillary Clinton there. He's talking about beaten winning in Minnesota he's too just tweeted last week that he's gonna win in Minnesota. 88. And as part of Georgia congresswoman you do you really do you think this strategy and demonizing ill on Omar is is going to be effective. I know I can tell you this I won 42 of the counties that he Warren and when it comes to his tweets. Last week and I bested them with a simple tweet that that what's the difference between battled traffic Greenland. Greenland is not for sale. People are tired of us they want someone that's optimistic in the White House and I'm ready to go. And I tell people around here it's like I've met the playoffs I'm in those debates. I we're excited about that ABC debate and you know the wild card team has won the super ball big time. All right zero and it. Year in it to win it just like the Minnesota Twins this year of course you know we've been talking a lot of character or is there about your candidacy actually the question for you from Bob in Cali from here our home state. I don't know declared prayer right now that this system this is Bob and Kelly Curtis. Is there any role too lenient presidential powers. And make congress starting at power and want to know like congress isn't doing him. And if you could if you can hear that is there any way to rein it is there any way to rein in presidential powers. They feel like congress already has the power and they're not doing anything what do you say the body. I I can feel their pain here because it's frustrating to me the way you rein in president from his back following the law. Hot by having us that it follows a lot. And right now Mitch McConnell is not reining in his power and in fact there's really pragmatic legislation like birds gun safety. The majority of tribe voters want to see. That's above background checks that Mitch McConnell won't let it come out for about. See you rein in bad things I want winning elections and getting doubts about of the White House. That to her right now the public just have to keep pushing they want to see that gun safety legislation passes. They want to think backup paper ballots. And they're tired of doubtless gridlock and want to get things done that in I'm running and I got to get covered our. By the haunted house and the heart jump out at stake and the snake zoo can't get directions. And a very Kurdish. Thanks much for coming our great to see machine.

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{"duration":"5:59","description":"From the Minnesota State Fair, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., talks foreign aid cuts, electability and her vision for the country if she becomes president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65132640","title":"2020 Dem. Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar talks upcoming election","url":"/Politics/video/2020-dem-presidential-candidate-amy-klobuchar-talks-upcoming-65132640"}