2020 Democratic candidates continue fundraising

Cory Booker hosts a grassroots fundraiser in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday.
1:29 | 07/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2020 Democratic candidates continue fundraising
For ABC news live in Washington DC I'm Adam. We're here in southwest DC where senator Cory Booker has just wrapped up a grassroots fund raiser. Can actually see him right behind us right now he's down on the floor taking cell v.s with supporters and almost the entire U cookers remarks here tonight. Or his regular stump speech in which she focuses on uniting America around its common good in defeating Donald Trump's with a lot he says rather than the bully tactics. Net he says the president has utilized but perhaps more interesting and hookers remarks themselves with these style of fund raiser sticky some point here these grassroots events. Featuring the candidates themselves have become theory trinity is cycle could even the likes of Bernie Sanders utilizing them to create and quick influx is a task some supporters now contrast that with some of what we seen from former vice president Joseph Biden. He's meet new secrets of attending high dollar event since launching his campaign for Booker dismissed the heard of these events in the last week. We stops in Boston and Chicago before tonight DC ten at each of these events the minimum donation to get in it's an easier this editors speak. Just ten dollars so clearly it tide is changing when it comes to fundraising was released on the democratic side of things just ten dollars only takes. To get into an event like he has any trendy neighborhood here in the work southwest DC and your eight presidential candidate. Speaks of that so we've got different BC or ABC news live on out of Chelsea in Washington.

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{"duration":"1:29","description":"Cory Booker hosts a grassroots fundraiser in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64410584","title":"2020 Democratic candidates continue fundraising ","url":"/Politics/video/2020-democratic-candidates-continue-fundraising-64410584"}